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E101 Transmittal Request Form

Please contact your agency's Records Management Officer BEFORE using this form.
Use of this form will result in a charge for each item created in TexLinx as well as a request charge. These changes are in addition to pickup fees.

Reference Tools

Webinar for Hardcopy, Electronic and Microfilm e101 Transmittals

Webinar for Microfiche e101 Transmittals

Please begin by providing contact person's first and last name and the number of containers you will be submitting.


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   Help on Number of Containers   

Maximum: 200 Containers


Contact Information

Transmittal, pickup, and delivery questions, please call: SRC Circulation Desk, 512-475-5155.

A Records Center employee will call the contact person to schedule a pickup.

General Records Center questions, please call:

   Records Center Manager Michael Shea, 512-475-5151

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