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Since 1988, state agencies have been required to prepare records retention schedules. These schedules are comprehensive lists that indicate the length of time a specific group of documents -- called a records series -- must be retained. Some records series, such as board meeting minutes, may need to be retained permanently, while others are designated for a set number of years.

Some records, however, may have a continuing value to the State of Texas or its citizens that extends beyond their useful life in a specific agency. These records series are considered "archival" and are transferred by the agency to the State Library and Archives. At the Archives and Information Services Division, the records are made available for administrative and research uses and they are preserved and protected.

In September 1995, recognizing the fact that records series are best evaluated for their long-term value in the context of all the agency's functions, the division embarked on a comprehensive program to appraise every records series likely to have archival value in each state agency.

Archivists were reassigned from managing records currently in the collection to conducting agency-by-agency appraisals. By working closely with records administrators at selected agencies, appraisal archivists are able to more accurately identify archival records series and sanction eventual destruction of non-archival series.

Agency-wide appraisal reports contain valuable information and we hope that presenting them on the Internet will distribute the information further. The last agency-wide appraisal was completed in March 2001. Appraisal continues with reports on one or a small group of records series.

Using the Reports

Records Appraisal Reports are comprehensive accounts of the process of appraising the records of an agency and of the resulting appraisal decisions. The reports can be read to determine (as of the date of the report) which records of an agency are of archival value; which records the Texas State Library and Archives Commission holds; which records the agency maintains and for how long; and which records are not archival.

In the list below, series-level appraisals can be distinguished from agency-wide appraisals by the inclusion of the series titles.

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Preservation Board, State

Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies, Board of

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Prosecuting Attorney, State

Psychologists, Board of Examiners of

Public Utility Commission

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Railroad Commission Part 1

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Real Estate Commission

Secretary of State Republic of Texas Records (Appraisal of archival holdings)

Secretary of State State of Texas Records (Appraisal of archival holdings)

Structural Pest Control Board

      Structural Pest Control Board, 1997 Addendum

Sunset Advisory Commission

      Sunset Advisory Commission, 1999 Revision

Teacher Retirement System Selected Record Series

Texas National Research Laboratory Commission

Transportation, Department of, Archival Review Records Series

Transportation, Department of, Austin District Engineer Administrative Correspondence

Transportation, Department of, Building Facility Construction Projects, Successful Bid Proposals

Transportation, Department of, Texas Turnpike Authority Division, Reports and Studies, Feasibility Analyses

Transportation, Department of, Vehicle Records, Public Relations Records, and Training Administration Records

United States 45-star flag

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Youth Commission

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