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Secretary of State Texas Register Section
Correspondence - Administrative

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Texas Register Section: Correspondence--Administrative

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August 27, 2007, Tony Black, Appraisal Archivist

Records Series Review
Series Title: Texas Register Section, Correspondence--Administrative

Agency: Secretary of State, Business and Public Filings Division, Texas Register Section

Obsolete record series? No

Ongoing record series? Yes

Archival holdings: None

These records consist of routine correspondence between state agency staff and the staff of the Texas Register. The kinds of issues dealt with in this correspondence fall mainly into three categories: changes in agency liaisons and certifying officials authorized to submit items for publication in the Texas Register; notices of rejected submissions being returned to the originating agency, with an explanation for the rejection; and notices of corrections of error. The 10 cubic ft. that were submitted for our archival review date 1990-1999.

This correspondence is created and maintained in order to document who is authorized in each agency to submit publications to the Texas Register, which submissions have been rejected and why, and what actions were taken to correct errors in publication.

Agency Program:
Established by the Texas Legislature in 1975, the Texas Register serves as the journal of state agency rulemaking for Texas. Information published in the Texas Register includes proposed, adopted, withdrawn and emergency rule actions, notices of state agency review of agency rules, open meeting notices, governor's appointments, attorney general opinions, and miscellaneous documents such as requests for proposals. These rulemaking actions are codified into the Texas Administrative Code, also maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by name of state agency, and therein chronological.

Access Constraints: None

Use Constraints: None

Indexes or finding aids required for, or an aid to access? None.

Gaps? None Problems: None

Known related records in other agencies: None

Previous destructions:
Destruction requests on file in the Archives and Information Services Division of the Library and Archives Commission were checked for the Secretary of State, and none were found for this series or for equivalent or related series.

Publications based on records: None

Series data from agency schedule:
Title: Correspondence--Administrative
Series item number: 1.1.007
Agency item number: 50.00 TEXREG
Archival code: R
Retention: 3

Appraisal Decision:
This correspondence between state agencies and the staff of the Texas Register is of the most routine kind. Although certainly vital to the functions of the Texas Register section (and so marked on the agency records retention schedule), is clearly has no enduring value. Once personnel changes have been noted and recorded, once submissions have been rejected and returned to the originating agency, and once publication errors have been corrected, these records serve no purpose past the 3-year retention period. Therefore they are not archival. The agency's Records Management Officer should change the archival code from "R" to "E," and place a note in the Remarks column: "Archival review code of "R" changed to "E" (exempt) subsequent to appraisal by Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, August 27, 2007."

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