Packing Instructions for Transfer of Archival Records

Pack your archival records for transfer to the State Archives in records storage boxes (16" x 12 1/2" x 10 1/2") with lift-off lids. In estimating the number of boxes you need, figure two boxes per letter-size file drawer and 2 1/2 boxes per legal-size file drawer. Assemble the boxes correctly (Box Assembly Instructions) to ensure their structural integrity and to protect the contents. Be sure that all flaps are tucked inside including the hand hold flaps which should be tucked between the two side walls of the box.

Note: The use of any size container other than the standard records storage box must receive prior approval from the State Archives.

Keep the records in their original order, whether alphabetical, numerical, chronological, or some other arrangement scheme, when removing the records to be transferred from their filing equipment.

  • For files in numerical order, place lowest number to the front of each box.
  • For files in alphabetical order, begin with "A" in the first box.
  • For files in chronological order, place them in the box by consecutive dates.

Leave the records in their folders. Folders must be accurately labeled. Place the folders upright in the records storage box. Legal size folders should go in facing the long side of the box. Stack computer printouts and ledgers on the bottom of the box facing the lid. Do not stack paper above hand holds.

Do not overstuff the boxes. Leave enough free space to allow easy retrieval.

Page last modified: August 2, 2011