How to Borrow County Records on Microfilm

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Microfilm is available for loan to any public or private library that provides interlibrary loan services. When contacting your local library, your request should include the specific reel number for the item you wish to borrow, as well as the county name and lending institution. Requests from your local library should be sent to the institution housing the film, noted at the top of each county page.

The loan of county records microfilm is subject to the following policies. These policies are implemented to ensure the availability of the film to researchers on a timely basis and to protect certain rights vested by law in the custodians of the original records.

  • Microfilm reels of local records are available for loan to libraries, not to individuals. Contact your local library to arrange an interlibrary loan of the materials you wish to view.
  • No more than five (5) reels of microfilm may be on loan to the same researcher at the same time.
  • Microfilm is loaned for a fourteen day period, but the period may be extended for an additional fourteen days if no other request for the microfilm has been received.
  • The Texas State Library, a regional historical resource depository, and requesting institutions are not permitted to provide certified copies of documents on microfilm. If a certified copy is needed, the researcher should obtain it from the county clerk or district clerk who is custodian of the original record. The current custodian of the records of the county superintendents of schools is the county clerk.
  • The microfilm is for in-library use only. Under no circumstances is it to be removed by the researcher from the premises of the requesting institution.



Page last modified: September 18, 2013