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The Sutherland Passport

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An Inventory of Secretary of State Records Relating to Passports Issued by the Department of State, Republic of Texas at the Texas State Archives, 1836-1845, 1855, 1858

The Republic of Texas passports collection contains 55 documents. These include requests for passports, orders to issue passports, and one proclamation granting entrance into the Republic. Some relate to the freedom of movement within the Republic of Texas, while others request access to Mexico, the United States and Europe.  Most documents were created between 1836 and 1845, although two are from the 1850s. The majority are written in English and some in Spanish. The collection can be useful for placing individuals in the Republic of Texas around the time the passport was requested or granted.

The information provided about the individuals named in these records is unique to each document. Some documents mention little besides the name of the individual and a date, while others may include destinations, the purpose of the journey, relationships to other travelers, age, and physical description.

For each name below, a link is provided to a digital image of the corresponding passport file. Click on the name and the file will appear in PDF format. There are multiple links to a single document when more than one individual in named in the passport.

Every effort has been made to obtain the best possible image. The files were created at a size of 300 dpi (dots per inch) in order to show all of the detail that is visible in the originals. However, some originals are so faded that portions of the documents are illegible.

Aguirre, Sebero |  Aldrete, Miguel | Arciniega, Miguel | Austin, Capt. Henry | Bringas, Lt. Col. | Cabasos, Blas Maria | Carroll, Dr. Daniel Joseph | Carter, R. W. P. | Chenoweth, John | Christian, Hans Heinrich | Clauzel, Isidore | Costa, Judge John B. | Costa, Joseph Antonio | Costa, Louisa J. | Costa, Mary Augustina | Crawford, John | Curby, E. S. | Ehlinger, Joseph | Galan, D. Norberto | Garnett, William A. | Garza, Rafael | Goff, Andrew | Greenlaw, John | Gutierrez, Florentino | Hammond, C. G. | Henry, Samuel W. | Heyliger, Albert | Hitchcock, S. H. | Hoskins, J. C. | Houston, Gen. Samuel | Hunt, Memucan | Hutchinson, Thomas J. | Idjues, William B. | Inibichus, Aristenta | Jackson, Thomas R. | Johnston, Charles S. P. | Joslin, James | Kleberg, Herman Joseph | Lynn, D. Edward | McCulloch | Miller, Hugh | Miller, William | Mills, Judge | Mnhy | Moellhousen, H. | Morgan, Hugh | Muestyah | Muguarrah | Neill, Andrew | Ny-ese-lain | Pages, Bartolome | Palencon | Pirson, Victor | Power, James | Ross, William H. | Sash-ce-zenda | Shaw, Jim | Sneed, Sebron | Sovereign, Joseph | Spain, William | Suniga, Isabel | Sutherland, E. C. | Sutherland, Dr. John | Van Zandt, Isaac & family | Vaughan, Reuben | Venividas, Placido & family | West, Emily D. | Whitworth, J. | Williams, Dr. J. G. | Woodlief, D. L. | Yates, Andrew J. | Zepeda, Jose Maria Cantu de | Unidentified

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The Sutherland Passport

The passport of Dr. John Sutherland and Dr. J. G. Williams, commonly referred to as the Sutherland Passport, contains an additional 287 names. The connection of these individuals to Sutherland and Williams is unknown.

The text of the document is transcribed below.

Republic of Texas Free and Independent
Department of State Columbia Nov. 16, 1836

A free passport is hereby granted to Doctor John Sutherland a Citizen of said republic to go to the United States and return, and all officers & citizens of this republic are commanded not to stop or embarrass him in his journey, but to afford him aid and protection should he need it; and all others are respectfully requested to do the same.

Granted this day to Dr. John Sutherland and Dr. J. G. Williams

The names from the Sutherland Passport are listed below in the order in which they appear in the original document. An  alphabetical listing is also available in .xls format.

Dr. John Sutherland
Dr. J. G. Williams
W. H. Turk
Stephen Collins
Anthony Darnell
Benjamin P. Fuller
S. B. Dickinson
James M. Wolfe
James P. Price
David Saunders
R. L. Singleton
John Forbes
Nicholas Heron
G. W. Capson
Thomas Pratt
Willis Davenport
William Miller
John Lafayette
Burrows Sims
Daniel F. Whilestin
George A. Campbell
H. P. Saunders
David P. Hand
Henry Smith
Elihu J. Ragan
D. N. Burk
William A. Hilbus
William Gambel
Nathaniel Coner
William Baty
John W. Huley
Samuel Darr
John Nelson
C. G. Therod
Justice Dunn
Charles P. B. Harlon
Dr. J. D. Jennings
Edward Miles
Thomas Henry
James H. Dennis
John Andrews
Hiram D. Yates
Benjamin H. Mordecai
P. B. Dexter
Charles A. Agsbury
J. B. Hoxey
Joseph H. Knapp
Edward Woodruff
John Wells
William A. Postley
Charles Irwin
Thomas Winfree
David Dougherty
Richard Slack
James L. Dickey
W. P. Harris
Jacob Bennet
F. J. Reajnard
John Francis Girod
Adolphus Roussett
John Charles Chiac
Louis Marchand
Gaitans Bragas
Alexander Bourajou
Henry Martin
Francis K. Clanton
Col. Gabriel Nunez
Franklin D. May
David Spencer
John G. Robinson
Lewis Gladitch
John F. Facius
Robert Hall
Jacob W. Bryan
J. C. Lecompte
George A. Holtman
Lewis Labouette
H. Moritz Heberstreit
Edward Velasco
Francis Fro
Henry Miller
John Harris
James R. Bostick
Milton M. Smith
James W. Lauderdale
William H. Hickey
Josiah Wilbarger
James Doyle
John G. McGehee
James H. Perry
William C. Cochran
William F. Hubbard
William C. Poke
Harman Sparks
Henry Barr
Samuel Hurberstone
William G. Cooke
James Swynney
John Owens
William Guirey
T. F. Risk
Samuel P. Fowler
Charles A. Foard
Joel Hutchinson
Thomas Reece
William Dease
W. G. Kirkham
Jonathan Bosorth
James Stuteville
D. H. Weigart
Thomas Norris
Thomas Curtis
W. D. Hillyer
James Stephens
Ignatius F. Rousseau
T. J. Stansbury
Isaac Tindall
Stephen P. Launders
Daniel Turney
Charles Haywood
William Haywood
Hansford Coplendolpher
Philip Dixon
Philip Viven
Adam M. Peck
C. K. Beach
Eli Doggett
Douglass Brown
Joseph D. Rice
Thomas Hall
John Golerick
John H. Hewes
John Cabzar
Alex Lessassieur
Lorenzo de Zavala Jr.
Mrs. Emily Zavala
Samuel Fleuner
Catlett Burnett
James Hesselzesser
Michael L. Rager
Christopher Ludwick
Dr. James Achead Phelps
William Bryan
William W. Nicholls
James Rees
Charles R. Duncan
Andrew Boden
Robert Stewart
James Caple
John H. Yuby
William Keyser
Wesley Hagler
Cornelius Litts
William H. Shadburne
Robert W. White
Lewis Stuart
William H. Anderson
Ahijah T. McGee
James H. Cox
James E. Cox
C. G. Fermer
Samuel Cavett
William Cunningham
James Sharp
James Murray
Edward Scrugham
Henry Smock
Joel C. Bradford
Hansford Coplendolpher
James Fortune
Peter Wood
Edward Linn
Warner L. Underwood
John Z. Forney
Sinclair D. Gervais
A. M. Berry, M.D.
John C. Allison
Walter Wynn
George Voss
J. E. Robertson
Robert C. Trimble
John H. Whitehurst
Jackson Smith
Joseph R. Stokes
John Daly
Edward W. Taylor
Edward Brown
William Yorke
Rev. Richard Salmon
Peirce Miller
John H. Longley
John W. Alexander
John Woodward, Esq.
W. W. Hall
Johnson Hammock
William N. Garnett
Pallas Love
Rufus McLellan
Thomas H. Smith
John Granlaw
E. S. Curby
Daniel Murray
James Hughes
Stephen Lester
T. J. Golightly
James McConkey
Thomas Crosgrove
John B. McClyman
Alexander McCulloch
Levi Coon
James M. Morton
Gustavus A. Parker
John H. Singleton
L. S. Haighgler
Jacob Currier
J. N. Taylor
R. A. Irion
John Whitelock
Augustus M. Tomkins
Sidney O. Pennington
John Geraghty
Elkanah Brush
John Chenoweth
Thomas G. Williamson
Ira Robinson
John W. Warren
Thomas R. Jackson
Mrs. Minerva Fannin & two children
David White
Lysander Wells
James Madison
J. W. Bunton
Jesse Billingsley
G. D. Hancock
S. B. W. Rudder
Memican Hunt, Esq.
William E. Millen
Hugh Morgan
Moses W. Brigham
John Graff
William Spavin
E. C. Sutherland
William M. Tindall
Fredrick Lemski
Isaac Williams
Jesse Massey
James B. Dorsey
Jarett Stilts
Charles Wolf
Minot Barrott
Elias McMillan
William H. Ross
John Smith
Charles Prescott
Simon Gonzales
Ausibio Farias
T. W. Murray
G. Clinton Fraily
J. H. Denson
William C. Palmer
H. H. Cornwall
John Ricord, Esq.
Andrew Goff
Jesse C. Phelan
Edward Brooks
David Whittinghill
Daniel Richardson
Thomas M. Farley
John W. Cassidy
Jeremiah Whitworth
James Murphy
Thomas J. Green
Levi Jones
Charles Sage
Jacob H. Norton
Lewis De Shields
George A. Nixon
Samuel W. McKneely
Henry McKneely
Thomas J. Hutchison
William McDermot
Robert Tate
William H. Vickers
Robert Randolph
John B. Welling
John Walter
Antonio Travino
Hugh Morgan
Joseph Wilder

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