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Adjusting images in the Texas Digital Archive (TDA)

Use the toolbar located at the top of the image to adjust the image (see Figure 1, below). The toolbar allows you to zoom in and out, rotate, or view an image in full screen mode. Note, this only applies to images. To adjust documents and other types of records that display as PDFs, see the tips for adjusting documents.

Figure 1.

Rotating Images

To rotate the image, click on the left or right arrows to rotate the image 90° (see Figure 2, below).

Figure 2.


To zoom in, click on the + button. To zoom out, click on the – button (see Figure 3, below).

Figure 3.

To adjust the image back to its original size, click the home button (see Figure 4, below).

Figure 4.

View Image Full Screen

Click on the toggle button to view the image full screen (see Figure 5, below).

Figure 5.

To exit full screen mode, hit the escape (ESC) key on your keyboard or click on the toggle button again (see Figure 6, below).

Figure 6.

Page last modified: March 1, 2019