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Map of the State of Texas from the Latest Authorities / 1852

Texas State Archives Map Number 0035

Publisher: Thomas, Cowperthwait and Company, Philadelphia. Engraved by J.L. Hazzard, 1852.
Cartographer: Young, J.H.

Scale: 1 inch = 55 miles
Size: 32 cm x 40 cm
Type of map: gen     Format: photostat   
Language: e

Description: Shows rivers, creeks, lakes, springs, mountainous and forested areas, geographic regions, counties, county seats, towns, post offices, forts, camps, roads, routes and trails, battlegrounds, Indian tribes, and herds of wild cattle and horses. Insets: 1) Northern Texas (same scale), 2) Map of the vicinity of Galveston City (same scale). Notes: a) Grand Indian Crossing, b) Population of Texas according to the census of 1850, c) the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo del Norte, d) El Llano Estacado (Staked Plain). Photostat. The color copy is missing.


Galveston Bay, plan, inset on state map
Caddo Indian Village, site
Alamo, site
Lipan Apache Indians, ...
Comanche Indians, ...
Apache Indians, ...
Kiowa Indians, ...
San Jacinto Battleground, site
Texas, Indian villages
Texas, post offices
Texas, routes and trails
Texas, battlegrounds
Texas, forts
Texas, general map
Texas, Indians

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