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Carte de Mexique ou de la Nouvelle Espagne / 1750-1760 c

Texas State Archives Map Number 0045

thumbnail image of map 0045 - link to full image

Scale: 1 degree = 20 leagues
Size: 28 cm x 38 cm
Type of map: gen     Format: col/elp   
Language: f
Date Scanned: 2006

Downloadable Map Image,
File Size: 1.83m (zipped)

Description: Translation of title: (Map of Mexico or New Spain)

Covers Texas, New Mexico, and parts of California, Louisiana, and Mexico. More detail is shown in Mexico than in other territories. Shows rivers, mountainous areas, towns, Indian tribes and villages, and Fort Saint Louis, giving the date of establishment of the fort. Inset: Supplement des Environs de Mexico (Mexico City and its Environs). This map is in French.

Long. 70 - 110 deg., w. from Isle de Fer


Louisiana, general map
Fort Saint Louis, site
Mexico, general map
Mexico, provinces
Texas, missions
Louisiana, Indians
Texas, Indians
Apache Indians, ...
Texas, Indian villages
Texas, presidios
New Mexico, Indians
New Mexico, general map
Anadarko (Nadaco) Indian Village, site
Caddo Indian Village, site
Cenis (Hasinai) Indians, ...
Caddo Indians, ...
Wichita Indians, ...
Kanotina (Canatino) Indians, ...
Mexico, presidios
Eyeish (Ayches) Indians, ...
Texas, general map

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