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Stanford's Seat of War in America / 1861

Texas State Archives Map Number 1100

thumbnail image of map 1100 - link to full image
Publisher: Stanford, Edward, London, 1861.

Scale: 1 inch = 25 Eng. st. mls
Size: 127 cm x 106 cm
Type of map: gen     Format: col/elp   
Language: e
Date Scanned: 8/19/02

Downloadable Map Image,
File Size: 12.99m (zipped)

Description: Covers the United States as far west as Louisiana, north to eastern Minnesota, and east to New York and western Canada. Shows rivers, mountainous areas, counties, cities, towns, roads, railroads, forts, camps, and Indian tribes. Insets: 1) Southern Part of Florida, 2) General Map of the United States, showing free and slave states, and states which have seceded from the Union. The map contains numerous manuscript notes along the border. One color copy of this map is missing.

Long. 74 - 93 deg.


United States, east of the Mississippi, Indians
United States, general map
United States, east of the Mississippi, general map
United States, east of the Mississippi, forts
United States, east of the Mississippi, railroads

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