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Map Showing Proposed System of Levees for the Protection of Overflowed Lands [along the East Fork of the Trinity River] / 1911

Texas State Archives Map Number 6427

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Publisher: U.S. Geological Survey. Hydraulic survey and location of levees by Arthur A. Stiles. Surveyed in 1910. Engraved and printed in 1911.

Scale: varying
Size: 58 cm x 49 cm
Type of map: othe     Format: col/elp   
Language: e
Date Scanned: 2006

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File Size: 2.51m (zipped)

Description: Covers parts of Dallas, Rockwall, and Kaufman Counties, featuring the East Fork of the Trinity River and its tributaries. Shows contour lines, elevations, existing and proposed levees, flood lines, sluice gates or syphons, ditches, towns, buildings, schools, churches, roads, and a partial railroad. Contour interval is 5 feet. Supplements The First Technical Report of the State Levee and Drainage Commissioner on the Reclamation of Overflowed Lands, by Arthur Alvord Stiles, State Levee and Drainage Commissioner, 1912.

Long. 96 deg. 27'30" - 96 deg. 35'00"

Scales: 1 inch = 2000 feet
2 5/8 inches = 1 mile
720 varas = 38/100 mile


Trinity River, East Fork, hydraulic survey
Dallas County, southeast, hydraulic survey
Kaufman County, northwest, hydraulic survey
Rockwall County, southwest, hydraulic survey
Trinity River, East Fork, levees, proposed system of
Barnes Bridge sheet, hydraulic survey

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