Celebrating the growth of the Texas Digital Library

It is now two years since the Texas Legislature appropriated the funds to allow TSLAC to create the Texas Digital Archive. We had proposed for over a decade to create a repository for the archives of Texas government in electronic formats. When we asked the Legislature for these funds in 2015, we were one of only 8 states that did not have a program to preserve permanently valuable electronic records.

I am glad to report that in those two years, our Archives staff under the direction of State Archivist Jelain Chubb, has not only created the digital archive we proposed, but has become a best-practice example for other states in the potential for such a project.
This project, directed by Laura Saegert, Assistant Director of the State Archives, and managed by TSLAC Electronic Records Specialists Mark Myers and Brian Thomas, and Digital Asset Coordinator Steven Kantner, along with the contributions of many others on the Archives staff, have created a resource of huge potential value to the state.

And they are just getting started.

The genesis for the project were the electronic records of the office of Governor Rick Perry. Researchers and citizens can now access a number of finding aids, including for Gov. Perry’s Appointments Office records, budget and planning, and much more.

The TDA also includes a significant collection of digitized manuscripts, prints and photographs, and recordings of Senate hearings, among many other materials. The born digital records of longtime Representative Sylvester Turner (D-Houston) are the first legislator’s records to be added. (This is especially fitting as Rep. Turner was instrumental in supporting the appropriation for the TDA in his role as Vice-Chair of the House Appropriations Committee last session).

Most recently, the TDA has begun to grow its collection of state agency archives. A particularly rich collection of such material is the file of resources for the Texas Historical Commission, specifically the History Programs Division, which includes historical marker files from 2007-2016. Other agencies in the TDA holdings include files of the Secretary of State, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and several others. These files will continue to grow as other agencies make their historically valuable electronic records available for storage in the Texas Digital Archive.

The TDA represents a huge leap forward for state government, citizens, researchers, librarians, and others across the state. This centralized repository of materials, preserved and carefully maintained, and made available to every citizen, represents a treasure trove of resources on the state of Texas. Without the TDA and the vision of the Texas Legislature in making this repository possible, these materials of permanent value to the state would be lost and scattered or, at the very least, inaccessible.
We hope you will visit the TDA, use the resources, and keep checking back to see what’s new.

Because this project really is just getting started!

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