Gloria Meraz, Director and Librarian

Congratulations, Gloria Meraz, incoming TSLAC director and Texas State Librarian.

By Mark Smith

I am very happy to announce that Gloria Meraz has been named TSLAC Director and State Librarian of Texas, effective next Wednesday, September 1.

Gloria will be an outstanding State Librarian. For the last 22 years, first as the Director of Communications at the Texas Library Association for 17 years, and as the Assistant State Librarian at TSLAC since 2016, Gloria has been a tireless and highly eloquent advocate for Texas libraries and archives and, in particular, the advancement of the Texas State Library and Archives. Gloria’s communications skills are brilliant and her political sophistication, honed over 11 sessions of the Texas Legislature, is masterful and highly effective. Her work over the last two decades has demonstrably moved libraries in Texas forward. 

Gloria’s education and experience make her uniquely situated to address the needs of clientele on both sides of the TSLAC house. Her master’s is in Library and Information Science and she completed all coursework toward a doctorate in archival studies, studying with the late great Dr. David Gracy. So Gloria has a thorough grounding in archives and records work while much of her professional experience since 1999 has been devoted to addressing the needs of libraries of all sizes across the state of Texas.

Since joining the TSLAC team in 2016, Gloria has lent her talents in communications and her legislative acumen to further TSLAC’s public presence while working to increase the agency’s funding and authority. Gloria guided TSLAC through our successful Sunset review and reauthorization in the last session and her work with the legislature helped secure an additional $1 million in 2017 for broadband, $4.4 million in 2019 to open a new state records center annex, and, in the most recent session, $3.75 million for an array of programs to advance library services in Texas. 

Gloria is known and greatly admired by the statewide library community as well as the TSLAC staff. A native of El Paso and lifelong Texas resident, Gloria has deep ties in and love for the Lone Star State. She brings to her work humility, compassion, and an abiding belief in the work of libraries and archives to change lives. And it should be noted that she will be the first person of color and the first Hispanic woman to lead the agency since the position of State Librarian was created in 1909. 

I can’t wait to watch Gloria’s great work as she leads TSLAC forward into its next chapter.


And with TSLAC in highly capable hands, I depart the scene. People have been so kind to me in noting my retirement. Over the last several days and weeks, I have had so many expressions of gratitude and appreciation for my work at TSLAC. I hope that I am worthy of at least some of that praise, but I can say without question that these years have been immensely interesting, challenging, and satisfying. With the support and guidance of the commission, the dedication and creativity of a talented and hardworking staff, and the partnership of our colleagues across the state, I believe we have made some progress. I know that there is still much more work to do, but the groundwork and momentum are in place to ensure that the future will be a bright one for TSLAC and Texas libraries and archives.

So long and best of luck to you all.

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