Distance Learning at the Texas State Library

Distance learning is any learning experience in which the learner and the instructor are separated by physical distance. Depending on the distance learning technology and format used to deliver the instruction, learning can occur live (in realtime) or learning can be delayed over time. A few of the primary benefits of distance learning are reduced (or nonexistent) travel time, reduced (or nonexistent) travel costs and an increased level of convenience.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission uitlizes several distance learning technologies to help accomplish its mission and goals. These pages will help you learn more about these technologies.

Satellite Teleconferencing

Satellite teleconferencing is an interactive teleconference delivered to many sites via satellite. The teleconference is made interactive through the incorporation of telephone calls or faxes from people at receiving (downlink) sites to the originating (uplink) site. Visit the Satellite Teleconferencing link to learn more about this technology, including information on satellite teleconference program providers and teleconferences offered by the Texas State Library.


Although sometimes referred to as "video teleconferencing" (teleconferencing meaning communication made possible by any type of telecommunications), the word "videoconferencing" is quickly becoming the standard term for this technology which involves the two-way transmission of audio and video (and sometimes data) via computer networks. Visit the Videoconferencing section of our Website to learn more about the technology including tips for participating in a videoconference, videoconferences offered by the Texas State Library and information about the Texas Library Videoconferencing Network.

Online Learning

Also referred to as Web-based learning, online learning is learning from a distance by way of the public Internet or a private Intranet using a Web browser. Online learning can be self-paced, live or a combination of the two. The Online Learning section of our Website contains more detailed information about online learning, including tips for being a successful online learner and online learning opportunities offered by the Texas State Library and others.

Page last modified: January 25, 2011