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1. Edge overview

What is Edge?

Edge is a suite of online tools and resources that helps library leaders make data-informed decisions to align their technology resources to community priorities. Edge helps libraries turn digital opportunity goals into actionable steps. Edge is free for all accredited Texas public libraries. Login to your account or register here

What does Edge assess?

Edge is divided into three strategic areas:

  1. Community Value: Addresses the specific programs, services and support the library offers that enable people to understand and use technology.  Measures: digital skills, economic opportunity, civic engagement, education, health.
  2. Engaging the Community and Decision Makers: Addresses practices the library utilizes to understand community needs, determine the results of programs and services provided to the community and engage with the community and community leaders. Measures: understanding community needs and outcomes, leadership, and relationships with community leaders
  3. Organizational Management: Addresses the library organizational management and infrastructure to fulfill the library’s role as a leading learning and information center in the community. Measures: technology planning, policies and availability, staff digital experience

2. Edge in Texas

Over 1/3 of all Texas public libraries have completed Edge 2.0! 

Read testimonials about how Texas libraries have used Edge to make lasting improvements in their communities.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Edge?

Login or register at https://platform.libraryedge.org/login.  Need help? Email platformsupport@libraryedge.org.

Who can take Edge?

Edge is free for all accredited Texas public libraries thanks to funding from the Institute of Museum of Library Services (IMLS).  Each public library can appoint their own person or team of people to take Edge for their library. This person will gather information and receive the results to share with their library, stakeholders, and community.

I already took Edge, should I take it again?

Yes! Edge can be taken yearly and we recommend libraries take it at least once every two years to show progress and keep track of goals and priorities.

What does TSLAC do with this information? Why is this important to TSLAC?

Just like Edge enables individual public libraries to make data-driven decisions, TSLAC's Edge Program manger reviews a summary of the Edge data for trends to suggest training, grants, tools and policy to help libraries reach their goals. The more Texas public libraries that take Edge, the better information TSLAC has to make these recommendations.

4. Edge training

On-demand online training

The team at Edge provide online training to get the most out of your Edge results. They offer a variety of both live and recorded training opportunities. Find more information and register on the Edge webinars page.

Specialized digital opportunity and data fluency training

Just for Texas public libraries! From January - June 2022 join your colleagues in two new live online trainings focusing on digital opportunity and digital literacy. This program is designed to build public libraries’ capacity and skill to collect, analyze and communicate data and demonstrate the vital role of public libraries in advancing digital equity in their communities. Libraries will attend a series of workshops over a six-month period. The training is free and your library can participate in one or both tracks. Registration is now closed. 

  • Digital opportunity Action Cohort: This peer-learning cohort will support library staff in measuring and planning digital opportunity programs and services. The series includes defining digital opportunity, understanding broadband access, determining device access and assessing digital literacy.
  • Data Fluency Cohort: This peer-learning cohort will support library staff in deepening their understanding of data and data-informed decision-making. The series includes an introduction to data fluency, collecting, understanding, and using community, library and program data, and communicating data. Libraries will be presented with an opportunity to use other Edge features later in the program.

5. Sign up for the Edge newsletter

The Edge team produces a monthly newsletter. Sign up to receive updates on new Edge webinars and resources.

6. Contact

Questions about Edge in Texas? Contact Cindy Fisher from the State Library at cfisher@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5855, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free in Texas).

Questions about your Edge account or Edge training? Contact Edge support at platformsupport@libraryedge.org

Page last modified: February 6, 2023