Our Current Employees of the Quarter

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Caroline Jones and Bobby French

Our Employees of the Quarter for the 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021

Caroline Jones, Reference Archivist, ARIS.

Caroline started work four and half years ago as a Library Assistant and a year later was promoted to Reference Archivist. In these short years, she has impressed all of her colleagues in ARIS with her hard work, positive attitude, attention to detail and dedication to providing the best customer service. She goes way beyond the “above and beyond” volunteering for all kinds of additional duties including those outside her division.

When Covid hit, Caroline was on the team to develop training for IS staff on how to provide public services during the pandemic. She has been in the Zavala building regularly working directly with the public during the pandemic as well as answering many of the reference questions which increased significantly during Covid. According to a colleague, Caroline has a reverence for original documents and a great curiosity to learn as much as she can about our archival collections.

She contributes regularly to the Out of the Stacks blog with a knack for finding and writing about the personal interest angle, often bringing our collections to live. In January Caroline prepared and presented the first ARIS webinar, “Introduction to the State Archives.” Her productivity  goes beyond her division as she readily volunteers for agency-wide activities having served as co-chair for the annual State Employee Charitable Campaign. This year as a committee member for our pandemic-era holiday fundraiser that was the most successful in history, she put together the highly popular agency cookbook loaded with her passion – images from the archives.

Bobby French, Customer and System Specialist, SLRM.

Bobby was nominated for his outstanding work with the TexLinx system and for taking on something called “the non-system project” which according to Zach Bruton, is above and beyond Bobby’s duties and involves entering data for thousands of reels. The project was supposed to endure for five years but since Bobby picked it up he has knocked years off the projected time frame.

With regard to TexLinx, Bobby works tirelessly and very creatively to provide excellent customer service to our TexLinx customers as well as doing training, creating training materials such as videos, writing instructions and following up with surveys so that he can learn how to improve future trainings. Diligent, hard-working and extremely dedicated, Bobby was named an EOQ in 2013. He was selected then for many of the same reasons as this time around – working tirelessly and thoughtfully to improve any project or process that he encounters.

Whatever the project, Bobby always makes a difference with his work and input. A case in point: when Bobby served as Chair of the Employee Recognition Committee in 2017 he was constantly working the entire year to help improve instructions for the chair and committee as well as improve the internal process.

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