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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Terry Carroll and Susan Floyd

Our Employees of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020

Terry Carroll, Building Maintenance Worker at the Sam Houston Center in Liberty, ARIS.

Terry has one of the more unique positions with TSLAC and one of the most diverse in duties, many of which would strike fear in the bravest of hearts, according to Center Manager Alana Inman. A few examples of the work that she does: sawing and hauling fallen tree trunks from storms, climbing high ladders to reattach TYVEK to buildings, painting fences, power washing a mansion, killing weeds and ants and recently walking the boundaries of the Center’s 100+ acres with Alana to confirm that boundary markers are in place. As they tromped through the deep East Texas woods, Terry took the point position with a broom to clear any spiders away. Alana’s fear of arachnids is so well known at the Center that a mere statement from her that there has been a spider web sighting gets an “I’ll take care of it” response from Terry.

Terry’s duties also include inspecting all of the Center’s seven buildings to ensure they are safe from leaks and HVAC failures. She also prepares all the buildings for hurricane season, tying items inside down, positioning plastic to reduce water damage from roof leaks and making sure disaster supplies are stocked and in position before storms occur.

Still, what may be Terry’s bravest and most selfless act lately is her response to COVID-19. There is no TFC crew to clean the SHC facilities.  That is Terry’s job – she is solely responsible for all janitorial duties in the center’s buildings. During the pandemic, her list of duties has been taken to a whole new level, according to Jelain Chubb, ARIS Division Director. Terry has remained onsite full time to ensure facility management continues and to ensure that the property remains disinfected for everyone. She even took special training for COVID cleaning. She designed and installed covers for the interactive exhibits in the museum and placed six-foot spacing markers on the floors throughout the museum, lobby and reading rooms so that the public could begin to re-use the facilities.

Some people might complain about all of this, but Terry never does.  In fact, she does all of this with a smile and cheerful spirit, according to Alana who is grateful every day when arriving at the Center to see Terry happily and willingly completing so many tasks to help her colleagues. Jelain recognizes this also noting that Terry “greets every day with a bottle of disinfectant, a chainsaw and a smile.”

Susan Floyd, Communications Officer, EXEC.

Susan had a successful career as an Archivist with the agency before becoming the TSLAC Communications Officer in April 2019. From the beginning she impressed her colleagues with her superior quality of work particularly her writing and editing skills, Olympic caliber organizational and planning skills, high level strategic and creative thinking, massive amount of work output and on top of all that maintaining her above average sense of humor and intellectual curiosity.

She skillfully manages many projects and areas including supporting all promotional activities, partnering with agency staff to develop positive engagements with diverse constituencies, and drafts and reviews all external communications. Her work benefits all divisions and employees and when she works with you on a project, she gives 150% to ensure everyone succeeds in their goals.  She is dedicated to serving her colleagues and informing the Texas public of agency resources to them.

One example of this is social media – one colleague remarked that her talents in this area alone should garner her an EOQ. Under her careful and professional stewardship, TSLAC has welcomed a whopping 8,000 followers on Twitter. This achievement comes after her work on Facebook ads for TBP reached almost half a million people. Recently she partnered with LDN staff to promote the Texas Free WiFi map and worked with the two partner organizations on a press release and an extensive social media campaign in three languages, impressing her LDN colleagues with her creative thinking.

Susan has initiated many new projects such as the weekly news clips, the ongoing communications discussions with staff, developing resources for the agency’s outreach personnel and inaugurating our first ever advertising campaign.  She helps with promoting the agency’s robust blog contributions, developing independent articles to promote the agency’s, participating in public relations committees, and developing outside partnerships.

To say Susan works on overdrive is not an understatement. She is lightning fast – in coming up with great ideas, working on projects, and delivering results. When the pandemic hit, her already heavy workload increased dramatically as she led our Communications team in efforts to keep staff and constituents updated about our services, the coronavirus and other pertinent information. She often worked very long hours as information would change rapidly, disseminating those details on Angelina, via email, on our website and through social media as well as answering piles of emails.

Over the summer, her workload never slackened as communication about the coronavirus and its impact on agency services continued. During this time, Susan wrote and distributed over a dozen press releases, was instrumental in the planning and running of the agency’s new virtual programming, managed to write and publish an article about the State Archives in the magazine, Authentic Texas, worked with the Center for the Book Coordinator on the agency’s virtual booth at the National Book Festival, as well as work with the Texas Library and Archives Foundation, our nonprofit support group, as they started work on a new website which went live recently.
Susan is a true joy to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is an absolute TSLAC hero.

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