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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Mike Ford and Yvonne Botello

Our Employees of the Quarter for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2002

The Employee Recognition Committee has selected Michael Ford, networked desktop systems support specialist, Information Resources Technologies (IRT), and Yvonne Botello, purchaser, Administrative Services (AD), as the Employees of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of FY 2002.

Mike Ford - Mike has been with the State Library's Information Resources Technologies division since 1998, as the network desktop systems support specialist. Mike has demonstrated his commitment to his work and the customers he serves—the TSLAC staff. This is what Mike's peers had to stay about him:

* Mike has worked diligently to make the videoconferencing project a success and has been instrumental as a liaison between the IRT, LD and Purchasing divisions. Mike's outstanding professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication have made him an asset to the project and to the agency as a whole.

* Doing the job right for Mike also means preparing himself to accept and succeed at more and more responsibilities. He attends technology classes on his own time and is constantly seeking out learning opportunities. Mike also spends countless hours of his own time researching technical issues and developing solutions that we can apply. A good example of this effort is the software that the agency now uses to audit its desktop software holdings. Mike researched and tested several tools before he identified the best one for the agency.

* His quiet and reflective demeanor is sometimes in sharp contrast to the energy and dynamic resolve with which Mike approaches project activities.

Mike is certainly a valuable member of the TSLAC team and is much appreciated by the staff of this agency.

Yvonne Botello - Yvonne has been with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for seven years, working or the past three years in our Purchasing department. Here's what some of Yvonne's coworkers had to say about her:

* Yvonne has implemented many changes in the way TSLAC does their Purchasing - bringing it closer to the standards put forth by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. She has become certified as a State Purchaser. She has worked overtime and tirelessly…to keep the Purchasing Department functioning and deserves to be recognized for her efforts.

* Yvonne has been and continues to be a true supporter of the work that others complete at the library.

* Her patience and willingness to listen to us and then apply her skills as a purchaser have been instrumental in the successful completion of various IRT efforts.

* She was instrumental in implementing a new Purchase Requisition form, and endured many "grumblings" from those required to change their work processes. Yvonne considers her internal "customers" to be her highest priority, and always finds a way to get what they need, when they need it. This is a challenge given that there are many rules and regulations that must be complied with during the procurement process.

Yvonne manages a complex and heavy workload and maintains a positive attitude. She is an asset to the TSLAC staff.

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