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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Julie Hughes and Michael Reagor

Our Employees of the Quarter for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2007

Julie Hughes - Her work affects almost every library and librarian in the state, as well as half a million Texas children. Julie Hughes' duties include overseeing and ordering supplies and materials, coordinating meetings, often for librarians across the state. She serves as the division purchasing and travel liaisons, coordinates the publication of Texas Reads materials, is the division's disaster preparedness liaison and serves as the division's safety representative and records manager. The supplies duty alone is rather daunting. Library Development is frequently in the midst of mailing materials to the 800 main and branch libraries in Texas. "Julie is one of the good guys who works quietly to keep those big paddle wheels turning," a colleague said. "She also makes sure there's enough coal on board." With good communication skills and thoughtful suggestions to streamline operations in her division, Julie is also part of the success of the Texas Reading Club, the summer program to keep Texas schoolchildren reading over the summer. "Julie works promptly and precisely and handles every challenge with aplomb. Her business acumen is impressive. And she has a great sense of humor," a colleague said. "My enjoyment of working in LD has increased dramatically since Julie became Office Services Coordinator."

Michael Reagor - A circulation assistant in the Talking Book Program's Circulation and Machine Services department, Michael Reagor is consistently praised for taking the lead in his department and going above and beyond the call of duty. At staff meetings, when issues are brought up that require attention, Michael is the person who steps up to accomplish them and does everything with a "positive attitude and respectful nature," according to a colleague. This department is where the cassettes, Braille and large print books and magazines are received and shipped out. During the past quarter, Michael was responsible for ordering and maintaining an inventory of National Library Services catalogs, and took the lead in helping other staff on a critical project for patrons. He also, on his own initiative, created a weekly checklist for Materials Clerks to follow on the upkeep of printers to ensure their operation for daily critical tasks. He is praised for the accuracy and timeliness of his reports, and his ability to master new tasks quickly. A colleague said that Michael "succeeds at all of the tasks asked of is a testament to his ability and attention to detail that they are completed so thoroughly." Michael is a true team player, striving to assist other employees, get the job done quickly and accurately and making the workplace a better place. "Every day at work is a much better day since Michael starting working with us here at circulation," said a colleague.

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