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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Pat Carlson and Jay Shoemaker

Our Employees of the Quarter for the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2007

Pat Carlson - Pat Carlson's first job at the state library was as a part-time stack assistant in the Archives and Information Services division. That was five years ago and when she moved to Library Development where she eventually accepted full-time employment, she threw herself into advancing her skills and taking on more responsibility.

She now has learned the ins, outs, ups and downs for managing the Continuing Education (CE) certificate of completion database and records. "She has often helped with large mail projects, and now is making a huge contribution performing all support duties for continuing education, including tracking, preparing and mailing CE certificates," Anne Ramos said.

Nancy Webb, who proudly states that she helped train Pat, said that the CE certificates go to the hundreds of librarians across the state who take the agency's CE courses via online sites, video conferences, web casts, one-on-one workshops, etc. The process, Nancy said, "is complicated and cumbersome."

Pat also collates volumes of packet documents, prepares name tags and makes sure that everything is done correctly and meets all deadlines. Julie Hughes, office services administrator in Library Development, noted that Pat worked many hours collating dozens of pieces of information into more than 400 notebooks.

Wait, there's more! Pat also assists with Loan Star Libraries projects such as reviewing contact data for Plans of Action for 540 public libraries are required to prepare in order to receive state grant funds. Other divisions also appreciate Pat: Beverley Shirley, director of Library Resource Sharing, said that Pat is "always friendly, helpful and willing to assist. I appreciate the cheerful assistance she has provided to LRS over the years."

Jay Shoemaker - Jay's primary responsibility is processing the agency's daily deposit of cash received in payment for goods and services. His supervisor, Marilyn Martin, described him as "diligent and trustworthy in accomplishing this important task."

Jay is also responsible for tracking and payment of the agency's utilities, telephone bills, processing Savings Bond purchases for staff, providing telecom information for the annual E-rate application, and tracking the discounts, credits and refunds the agency receives through the E-Rate program.

Perhaps it's a combination of the sharp-eyed accountant and the tough attitude of a former Marine that helps him accomplish his many duties. His colleagues in Administrative Services and in other divisions also trust Jay. "When you want a job done right, you go to Jay," one colleague said. "Jay can see a problem and fix it before it becomes an issue. He doesn't sit around until someone asks that it be done."

Jay also steps outside the limits of his job responsibilities to help other divisions. In 2004 Jay served as TSLAC's coordinator for the State Employees Charitable Campaign, helping staff to reach an ambitious target of dollars contributed and initiating the first memorable musical performance by our Executive Director! He also often is one of those kind souls who is there after an agency-wide function to help clean up and provide moral support.

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