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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Gary DeVries and Wendy Clark

Our Employees of the Quarter for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2008

Gary DeVries - According to Beverley Shirley, LRS director, Gary has been an asset to LRS "since the day he walked in the door." That was a year ago and since then, Gary, with speed, accuracy and attention to detail, knocked off the unit's distribution backlogs, according to his boss, Coby Condrey, Texas State Publications coordinator.

Oh, and did we mention that Gary is part-time? He is the Texas Publications Clerk in the Texas State Publications Depository Program and "his dedication to his job has meant the complete elimination of distribution backlogs," said Coby.

In his first six months here, Gary distributed over 53,000 individual documents to depository libraries in Texas. These materials were included in seven shipments with each shipment consisting of 48 boxes. You do the math-that's 336 boxes of materials that Gary distributed. "The unit expected to send out six shipments and about 35,000 items. So Gary significantly exceeded expectations by completing an extra shipment and distributing half again as many items as had been done on the average in the two previous time periods," Coby said.

In addition, Gary processes materials for shelving in the Texas documents collection. In the past, the Texas Publications Clerk was expected to process one cart of materials each month. Unfortunately for future clerks, Gary has raised the bar. In the same six months that Gary sent off those thousands of documents, he completed eight carts, significantly helping in the unit's goal to get up-to-date on the processing backlog.

Gary's work excels in the quality department as well. "His work is consistently accurate and detail-oriented, qualities that have repeatedly prevented or proactively resolved problems with processing documents that otherwise would have created additional, disproportionately large burdens on staff time to amend errors downstream," said Coby.

Wendy Clark - Library Development's Wendy Clark also deals with high volumes of paper plus she must build relationships to get her job done. Wendy is program manager of Loan Star Libraries, the program that provides state funds to 540 public Texas libraries.

"Wendy is great at establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with colleagues both inside and outside the agency," according to Kathleen Walls, TBP's Reader Services librarian. "Wendy excels at finding common ground and creating a sense of mutual respect with fellow employees."

Furthermore, she helps library staff that are challenged in dealing with grants or the administrative duties of grant management. Wendy provides assistance, training and frequently visits libraries to help them better manage their funds. Indeed, her division director, Deborah Littrell described Wendy's skill as "careful nurturing."

Deborah said that Wendy "has also targeted those libraries not participating in the program at a high level and through persistent effort helped many of those libraries move to higher levels in the program, thus giving them more funds and helping us better achieve the purposes of the program."

Wendy began work at TSLAC as the Genealogy Supervisor in July of 1996, was promoted into the Library Systems Administrator position in 2000 and then began her current position four years ago.

Nancy Webb, LD administrative assistant, said that during Wendy's tenure over the program, she has directed the change from a primarily paper reporting system to one where librarians report online, often with difficulty. "She deals with many librarians in rural areas, some of whom have only recently learned to use a computer and who were not even connected to the Internet in the early days," Nancy said.

Yet, Nancy said, "Wendy takes everything in stride, often with some hand holding, maybe with some gentle prodding."

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