Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 7, 1836

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Sam Houston to James Collinsworth, March 1836

Hotchkiss’ interest in inducing the Indians to migrate

to the country. The evidence is conclusive. It would

be well if the steam packet “Wm Brown,” if pur-

chased, should have such guns placed on her as

would enable her to throw grape and canister

into the enemy in close contact, as I am told

she cannot carry large pieces. If Copano

is occupied by us, the enemy will never ad-

vance into the colonies. God bless you—

and may you long continue useful to Texas.

I rode until late last night, and rose early

this morning. Major Hockley desires to be

remembered to you. Please salute my

friends who ask for me.

Ever yours truly,

(signed) Sam. Houston.

There is a Mr. Blount in Washington, who

deserves a Captaincy in the cavalry, if you should

think proper to advance him. I pray that all ap-

pointments in the army, since the 6th of January,

made by the self-styled “Council,” may be set aside,

if the persons should be afterwards appointed. Please

see Doctor Everitt, and he can speak to you of a

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Sam Houston to James Collinworth, March 7, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #275, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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