Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 3, 1835

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Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 1835

New York Octr 3rd 1835

Dear Sir.

I am happy to hear of your being in Texas, and shall be still more so

on learning that you have settled there. As I am a proprietor in both the Rio

Grande & Texas, & Colorado & Rio River Co[.] I feel some hopes, upon the presence

of a friend on the spot, that my speculation will not turn out so bad

as prospects now, would cause us to apprehend. The trouble with laws

to prevent the population of the colony, will retard its settlement

until they end, either in the purchase of Texas by the United States, or in

the independence of the Colony. We believe that our government has

the subject under consideration, to bring about the cession indirect-

ly by agreement with Signor Almonte the comr now in Washington

to throw the boundary back to the Rio Grande Del Norte. That could

bring it about, without any congressional action on the subject, un-

less an appropriation were required to meet the payment of the

consideration of the purchase which as it would no doubt turn

out a good speculation. Congress would do that without deciding

as to the future disposition of the Country. As to the other alterna-

tive, an act authorising the purchase, I apprehend much dif[fi]-

culty in its passage. All the conflicting interests between the

different sections of our union would be brought to bear, & even

the slave question would be agitated. The first mode would be pre-

ferable; but we have no certain news whether any & what progress

has been made in bringing it about. You would render an act

of immense service, if you could be instrumental any way of bring-


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Samuel Sawyer to Sam Houston, October 3, 1835. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #88, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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