Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 1842


Legation of the United States

Galveston October 7th 1842

His Excellency

Genl Sam Houston President

of the Republic of Texas


By the last boat which reached here from

Orleans we got the news, that all the difficulties

which existed between the United States and

Mexico have been amicably adjusted, I do not

get this information officially, but see it published

in the Orleans Bulletin, it gives no informa-

tion of the result of the effort of the United

States and British Governments to negotiate

peace between this and the Mexican govern-

ment[.] [W]e are informed from the same source

that the Yucatan Government have sent a draft

of $20,000 to Commodore Moore, to equip and

man the Texan fleet and have authorized him to

draw upon the government for $30,000 more

and that Moore would leave Orleans on Monday

the 3rd Instant. I give you this information as

I get it. I had most sincerely hoped and yet

hope as a friend to humanity a friend to Texas and

Mexico, that Genl Santa Anna would avail

himself of an honorable opportunity to abandon

his project of expelling the hereticks [sic] of Texas from

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Joseph Eve to Sam Houston, October 7, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2694, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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