James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 28, 1838

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James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 1838

them of the propriety of countermanding their orders

in regard to the matter; or a change in the situation of

the thing involved, which appears to be the case in

the present instance. It does seem to me that the

reason which dictated those instructions has ceased

and there is no longer a necessity of acting upon

them even supposing that they were at the time

issued founded on good reasons. It appears to

me to be acknowledging too much to admit

that Texas is not able to drive a few hundred

vagabond Mexicans from her territory. It would

certainly be contradicting what I have heretofore

solemnly alleged viz that Texas is not only able

to defend her own Territory against invasion

from Mexico but that she has the power to

invade her enemy. I was very much relieved

by the receipt of the news (soon after I received

the despatch alluded to) that Corpus Christy [sic] the

port alluded to had been abandoned by the

Mexicans on hearing of the approach of a body

of Texian troops as that (though not official) affor-

ded as I conceive a good reason for my course.

If the French Government thinks it important

to their interest to have the liberty of cutting off

the Mexican trade through any of our ports

which are unoccupied by our Citizens it seems

to me that it is most proper that they should

name it. In such an event I could see no

good reason for refusing to give the Govern-

ments [sic] consent provided it only extended to such

of our ports as are not settled by our citizens[.]

I think however that it would be more compati-


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James Pinckney Henderson to Mirabeau B. Lamar, October 25, 1838. French Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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