Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 14, 1844

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Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 1844

Department of State

Washington July 14 1844


My last dispatch to you

was under date of the 26th March

last. Since then I

have had the pleasure of

receiving your several com-

munications to the 2d. June ulto.

The views you have ex-

pressed in your conversation with

Lord Aberdeen as detailed in

your letter of the 2d June are ap-

proved by the Department.

The Treaty for the an-

nexation of Texas to the U. States

having been rejected, the atten-

tion of the government is

again turned to the

subject of our relations with Mexico.

The absence of the President at this

time prevents me from giving you

his views in detail at the present

moment on this matter. The intell-

igence of the British and French

Governments will not fail to

make them perceive the importance

of an early and decisive action on their part

in reference to a settlement of

the difficulties between this country

and Mexico, and the establishment

of our unconditional independence

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Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 14, 1844. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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