Ebenezer Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 10, 1845

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Eben Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 1845

could be properly brought to operate upon

the affairs and interests of Texas. Although

the fond hopes formerly entertained and

frankly expressed by the citizens of the latter

country, that the Star Spangled banner

of our father land would this day wave

over them, have been checked and deferred;

yet, be the final result of the negotiations

tending to such a consummation, what it

may; the able and distinguished efforts

of His Excellency's administration to

secure the rich and abiding fruits, sure

to grow out of annexation effected upon

a proper basis; and to ensure mutually

and reciprocally to the benefit of the two countries,

will ensure to Mr. Tyler the lasting gratitude

of the people of Texas. His policy of annexation

or may not attain its object, depending

for success as it does upon the contingent

and uncertain modification and harmony

of conflicting interests and opinions, beyond

the control of either government and inseparable

from the republican institutions of each; but

in its triumph or defeat, Mr. Tyler and his

distinguished supporters in the cause of

annexation, will receive, as a mede [?], if inferior

to their high deserts. Still, it is hoped, not

worth less in their estimation, the enduring

tribute of a nation's thanks.

Your reply to the enquiries so frequently

addressed to you by Members of Congress

and others in the United States, relating

to the present views of this government

in regard to annexation, as communicated

in your private dispatch, under date of

the 17th ultimo, the receipt of which the

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Ebenezer Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 10, 1845. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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