Ebenezer Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 10, 1845

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Eben Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 1845

President directs me to acknowledge,

meets his entire approbation; and was

conceived in terms corresponding with

the existing relations and the state and

progress of the negotiations between the

two governments, touching that subject.

Should the present session of the Federal

Congress pass by without fixing upon some

definite, tangible, and eligible mode for

carrying into effect the projected scheme

for annexation, it is highly probably that

the people and Government of Texas,

yielding to the natural influence of disap-

pointment, and to an irresistable reaction

consequent upon procrastination; would

feel compelled to consider their connexion

with the measure dissolved.

The evidence required by Mr.

Calhoun touching the case before referred

to will be furnished by this Department

at its earliest possible convenience, and

will, as I trust, be forwarded in season

for the necessary action of the Congress

of the United States upon the subject, at

the present session. In as much, however,

as all the witnesses connsant [/] of the

necessary facts, reside some four hundred

miles distant from our seat of

Government, some time must necessarily

elapse before the requisite testimony can

be obtained and forwarded.

I am

Dear Sir

with sentiments of great esteem

Your obedient servant

E. Allen Attorney General

of the Republic and Secty of State, ad interim

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Ebenezer Allen to Charles H. Raymond, January 10, 1845. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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