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Governor Francis R. Lubbock to General Earl Van Dorn,
February 13, 1862

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Francis R. Lubbock to Earl Van Dorn, February 1862

Executive Department
Austin, Texas, Feb’y 13th 1862.

Genl Earl Van Dorn,


Your letter of 23rd Jan’y did
not reach me until last night. You will see
the utter impossibility of complying with your
requisition within the time named in your letter.
The State of Texas has not a company in the
field independent of those in the Confederate
Service. We are diligently engaged in organizing
our State Troops, but some weeks will yet elapse
before that organization will be completed.

Appreciating fully the importance of
your contemplated advance into Missouri, I
have notified Col. Darnell, now at Dallas with
his Regiment, of your call for Troops, and
have requested of him to join you forthwith,
and to notify all others, having regiments, or
parts of Regiments, of your desire, and that
they too go forward to your assistance.
I have also sent to day a copy of your letter
to Genl Hebert, and suggested to him the pro-
priety of sending to you a portion of the cavalry
under his immediate command. My opinion
is that he could spare 12 or 1500 men without
very great injury to his Department, as mounted
men can be raised here with great facility.
It is very difficult to raise infantry.

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Governor Francis R. Lubbock to General Earl Van Dorn, February 13, 1862. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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