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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Francis R. Lubbock, May 28, 1862

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Benjamin J. Sanford to Governor Lubbock, February 1862

May 28 1862
Mier 10 miles above Roma

Gov FR Lubbock

Dear Sir

I wrote you a few lines
from Monterey on 10th inst.

I am now this far on my way eastward
with seven wagons containing over 10,000
lbs powder, 12,000 lbs Lead, & some other
little things. The whole service costing
something less than $20,000—and worth
any where in Texas much more.

I am glad to know that I have
through many difficulties succeeded to this
extent. The wagons camped last night
10 miles back on the road, and are expected
here to day. They travel slow, teams
are poor and roads bad. No rain
in this section for a year till [sic] a few days
since—no grass, & roads cut up.

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James T.D. Wilson to Governor Lubbock, May 28, 1862. Texas Military Board Records.

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