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W.J. Alexander to Jeremiah Y. Dashiell, July 29, 1863

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W.J. Alexander to Jeremiah Y. Dashiell, July 1863

and a.a.b.s.'s [?] for the companies to go a greater distance to
get Supplies, and consequently to pay heavier trans-

In reference to the first class mentioned,
(not wishing to assume to myself too much authority)
I would ask for authority to pursue, overtake
and justly punish those who are deserting our cause
and country thusly Showing that they are indeed
our enemies. Due punishment Should also
be visited on those who aid them in their escape.

With regard to the other class ie [sic] those who have
Supplies to Sell and are unwilling to take our currency
for them, I think Should be compelled to do So.
What is the poor Soldiers’ [sic] family to do, which is entirely
dependent on his little earnings for bread, when the
money with which he is paid for his Services, will
not buy bread to feed his wife and little ones?
By a great many our currency is altogether refused, by
others a difference of 1000 per cent is made. Our
Soldiers are fighting for property and freedom of those
who are trying to Starve their wives and children at home.
I wish to work “while it is day” for the night may and
probably will come, then it will be too late.

Hoping to hear from you on this Subject very Soon I am

Very respectfully
Your Obt Servant
W.J. Alexander
Major Comdg Southern Division
Mntd Regt Texas State Troops

Col J.Y. Dashiell
Adjt and Inspector General

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W.J. Alexander to Jeremiah Y. Dashiell, July 29, 1863. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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