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Charles Løvenskiold to Edward Clark, October 10, 1861

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Charles Lovenskold to Edward Clark, October 1861

that his company is full and ready for muster. I also learn that
col. I.N. Morgan, whom I authorized to do so, has succeeded in
raising out of the disbanded Volunteers another company in Corpus
Christi, for [a] coast defence [sic] Regiment, and which is also ready for

I have directed these several companies to forward to the Adjt
Genl office a copy of their Muster Rolls, that their strength may
be known, as also the State arms which they have in their

I find it will be impossible for me to close my mission
here in time for your message. It will take me until the end of
the month to complete the Rolls, Papers and Property accounts.
As the result of my experience with the Volunteers and Rangers,
I would suggest, that you urge upon the Legislature the passage
of a law providing for the organization, etc., of Volunteers or Militia
when called into active service, reducing everything to a system,
enforcing strict accountability with men as well as officers,
presenting the duty of each one accurately and distinctly,
and providing that proper Bond and security be given by every officer
before any public property pass into his hands. Also, that
for all Public property lost or stolen, the party accountable for the same,
shall pay twice the amt of its cost to the Government, unless it be
shown by affidavit of two or more disinterested persons, that
the loss was not caused by any neglect, or want of care, or
due diligence, on the part of the loser. I am satisfied in my
own mind, that many arms, particularly Revolvers and sharpshooters
are taken and reported lost, when in reality they are kept by the
volunteer, who considers them “cheap” at the cost price which is all

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Charles Løvenskiold to Edward Clark, October 10, 1861. Records of Governor Edward Clark.

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