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Texas State Cotton Certificate, March 3, 1864

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Texas cotton certificate, March 1864


Mar. 3/64

The State of Texas
County of Austin Know all Men by these Presents:

That We Robert M Jones[,] RF Harris & JM Murf [?] of said County have this
day sold to the State of Texas, through its authorized agent
EB Nichols of ,
Three Hundred Bales, 150,000 pounds of Cotton
marked, weighed and classified as follows, viz:

Bales lbs. Good Middling Cotton,
Bales lbs. Middling Cotton,
300 Three Hundred M Bales 150,000 lbs. Low Middling Cotton,
Bales lbs. Good Ordinary Cotton,

which Cotton I hereby agree to deliver at Eagle Pass
on the Rio Grande, and for which I am to be paid the market value thereof at
the place of delivery, less the actual cost of transportation, in no case to exceed one
fourth the value of the cotton at the place of delivery, in the Bonds of the State
of Texas, drawing in par and indexed, payable in Specie semi-annually. In
the event said Bonds are not ready for delivery at the time said cotton is de-
livered as aforesaid, then I am to receive the certificate of the agent, to be can-
celled by payment of the same in Bonds to be hereafter delivered.

Given under my hand and seal, using scroll for seal,
at Houston_in the County of
Harris State of Texas,
this the 3rd day of March
A.D., 1864

“Signed” R.M. Jones & Co

“Signed” Jessie M. Baker
F.J Suvis

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Texas State Cotton Certificate, March 3, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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