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George H. Giddings to Pendleton Murrah, October 21, 1864

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George H. Giddings to Governor Murrah, October 1864

done should there be any
objections to completing the
organization of the [?] Regt[.]

It is needless for me [to] say
a word in favor of Col Ford
as a Military Man or as to
his peculiar fitness & capacity
for the comd of our Rio Grande
frontier[.] [H]e is well known
and his name with the
Mexicans is a strength to our
cause[.] [T]hey both fear and
respect him and I am
happy to state that he has
established the most perfect
and friendly relations with
the French authorities who were
occupy[ing] the western bank
of the Rio Grande[,] and any
change of commanders there
now might lead to unfortunate
results[.] I trust your Excellency
will add the weight of your
name & position to this request
about being sent to Genl
Smith asking that Col Ford
may remain where he now is
and where he can be of so
much service to our cause[.]

I am sir
Most Respectfully
Your Obt Servant
G.H. Giddings
Lt Col Comdg Battery
Expy Forces

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George H. Giddings to Pendleton Murrah, October 21, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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