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General John G. Walker to Pendleton Murrah, October 24, 1864

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John G. Walker to Pendleton Murrah, October 24, 1864

Extract from a Letter of Adj. Genl
J.G. Walker to Gov. P, Murrah
under date Oct. 24th 1864.

“I desire most earnestly
to invite your attention to another matter
connected with the military administration
in this District. Many instances have
recently occurred of vexatious arrests and
detentions of slaves in government employment.
Upon demand being made by officers
acting under my orders, Sheriffs persistently
refuse to surrender these negroes except
upon the payment of the fees in specie[.]
As the military chest does not contain
a dollar in metalic [sic] currency, it is
entirely out of my power to comply with
the demand. The consequence is
that a considerable number of such
negroes are held in confinement in
the different jails of the State, and I
am powerless to procure their
liberation, except by the employment
of force, which my respect for the
laws of the State, even when perverted
to the injury of a sacred cause, does
not permit me to employ.

Under these circumstances, I have
every reason to believe, that your
Excellency, whose attention has been
already directed to this subject, will
recommend to the Legislature now
in Session such amendment of the

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John G. Walker to Pendleton Murrah, February 14, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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