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T.P. Debor to Pendleton Murrah, March 22, 1864

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T.P. Debor to Governor Murrah, March 1864

Clarksville Texas
March 22nd 1864

Gov. P. Murrah:

Honored Sir,

Mister, I hope you will win the
day, so that when I get to Minden
I can tell them all that I have
rode with the Governor.”

This sentence will bring to your mind
our trip from Navasota to Marshall
last August[.] I often wish I could
be in your company again. I was
proud to read your noble message
and proud to feel that the people of
Texas looked up to you as a
patriot—as a man. I presume
you will never forget the queer
remarks of our quondam female
fellow-traveller [sic].

My Dear Governor, I wish to present
to you a strong case. Our section
of country here is suffering much
for want of medicines. The Physicians
have nearly all quit practice for

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T.P. Debor to Pendleton Murrah, March 22, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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