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William J. Hutchins to Pendleton Murrah, May 14, 1864

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W.J. Hutchins to Governor Murrah, May 1864

the coming winter is before an unprovided [for] soldiery.
So to remain so far as I can see—or see measures must
be adopted, which in this present state of affairs, and
with my antecedents and qualifications[,] I prefer that
some much more capable man or men than myself
shall undertake.

You say you will soon have money in the
State Treasury[;] this is a good thing, but what are our soldiers
to do for clothing, shoes, blankets, & medicines[.] You have
deprived me of the means of procuring them. You have
not only taken the greater part of the moveable cotton, but
by giving better prices have rendered the people unwilling
to let the cotton office have that remaining. Hence my
inquiries of you in a former letter—for a full list of supplies
you had instructed your agents to procure[,] the mode of
purchase and the time of their probable arrival in Texas,
which inquiries I again respectfully and urgently renew[.]

I shall enclose a copy of this communication to Dept
Headquarters for which my advices are very gloomy
with respect to supplies and I shall be greatly gratified
at such specific practical and definite information from
you as will give a more favorable prospect to the future.

Information which I learn is official is received
at Headquarters here that the Confederate Government has 6000
Enfield Rifles at Havana for shipment to Texas; 1020 of these arrived
here last week on the Steamer Savanah [sic] from that port—The present
law of Congress giving the Govt the right to one half the
tonage [sic] of vessels running into the ports of the C states[.]

I learn from Laredo that

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William J. Hutchins to Pendleton Murrah, May 14, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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