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H.R. Satimer to Pendleton Murrah, November 24, 1864

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HR Satimer to Governor Murrah, November 1864

have not been organized into companies, & have already
gave [sic] an inkling of what they will do; and the people
are alarmed at the consequences which are to follow.
If they remain here any length of time, & something is not
done to restrain them, the border counties on Red River will
be ruined during the winter. I do not allude to the organized
part of Price’s army, who I am told are generally good men.
But the camp followers, those who are foot loose, belonging to
no organization, “sloshing” about through the country, prepared,
and unrestrained for the perpetration of any crime, these
are the men the people fear. And how are we to be protected
against them? The reserve corps will be powerless for good, because
they have not the strength to effect anything. The Reserve here
has been kept constantly in camp, without an equivalent
good. Is the necessity great enough to keep these men in camp,
during the winter. They are eating up the Tithe, when it
is needed for more urgent purposes—no deserters in the
county, except Missourians, & why not let Missourians
arrest their own men. If you you [sic] would use your
influence to have the reserve corps furloughed for a time
I believe it would be a public benefit; they could be called
together at any time, when the necessity arrives for return. I know
you are harassed and beset at ev[er]y step with troubles. How
could it be otherwise, in such times as these. I have the
utmost confidence you will be able to ride the Storm
& steer us safe for another year, who you have my best
wishes for any promoter [?] you may desire[.]

your friend and sevt
HR Satimer

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H.R. Satimer to Pendleton Murrah, November 24, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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