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TSLAC 306-4057, 16th Texas Regiment, Company G

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Cotton and silk, 37.5 xx 40.5 inches

TSLAC 306-4057
16th Texas Infantry Regiment, Company G

This flag is similar in appearance to TSLAC 306-4047, the flag of the Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment. It was donated by the family of Fred Carleton (1841-1910), who served in Company G of the Sixteenth Texas Volunteer Infantry, organized near Hempstead in 1862. The flag is said to have seen service at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill during the 1864 Red River Campaign. Carleton went on to serve in the Texas Legislature and helped to found the Confederate Home and the Confederate Women's Home for aged and indigent veterans and their widows.

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Conservation report (PDF)

1980 Conservator's report - Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

Donation/display card (PDF)

Undated donation/display card

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