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Excerpt, Cooke County Delegation, Hearing Before Texas Highway Commission, 1961

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Cooke County delegates on I-35 Through Gainesville, 1961

MR. PETRY:  Well, you are citizens of Texas and, if you don’t let yourselves
be heard – I think you have a right and, if you don’t like it,
you have a right to say you don’t like it.  Come back down here again any

MR. HATCHER:  Thank you, Sir.  In closing, Mr. Jack Davis would like to say
a word.

MR. DAVIS:  Mr. Chairman, some of the group asked that I make a brief closing
statement, and it will be brief because I know it is almost lunch
time.  I wanted to point out that my City Council – and I am City Manager of
Gainesville – and they have requested that I come down here and represent them
on behalf of these property owners.  There is a problem – I think it’s recog-
nizable.  We are convinced that there can be a solution and we want to leave
it in the capable hands of Mr. Greer and Mr. Frey and the Bureau of Public
Roads.  These people are here fighting for their economic life, and we want
to make a definite point of that.  They are not up here – we are not asking
for $115,000.00 for an access road.  We are not asking for a lot of things
except consideration on this ramp.  I’ll leave that with you, and we appreciate
very much your time and your attention.  Thank you very much.

MR. PETRY:  Well, the way I understand the Interstate Highway Act, as it’s
developed it’s supposed to be developed, taking into considera-
tion the economic effect and, in that connection, I believe that there is a
very great amount of room for a more liberal attitude in regard to off- and
on-ramps.  I recognize that their very able representative is here and they,
of course, have their side of it, and that’s what makes trouble.  But you
assure your people – and I think they will agree with this statement – that
with good economic policy and considering, of course, the welfare of their
economic policy to the best of our ability.  I don’t know how we can do any
more than that.  I recognize that oftentimes these new highways affect some
economic development on the old road which has been there for a long time.
There are several ways of looking at it.  But, on a situation where ramps
alone can save a business, it seems to me that they can be so designed as not
to damage someone’s investment, as long as you keep in mind the safety of
the traveling public.  Not being an engineer, I can’t go any further than
that, but I certainly hope that we can help you solve your problem.

MR. DAVIS:  We recognize that there are going to be some inherent design
problems, and certainly Mr. Privette and Mr. Frey have been
most sympathetic – and we need a lot of sympathy as well as the ramp.

MR. PETRY:  They are two fine fellows.

MR. DAVIS:  Thank you, Sir.


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Excerpt, Cooke County Delegation, Hearing Before Texas Highway Commission, 1961. Cooke County project files, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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