Native American Relations in Texas

P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, 1837

such men I cant I cant make peas [peace]
with the Maxicans Because I get from
them horses and mules and sell them
to Coffe at his trading house for our
suplys & ansunesion [ammunition] and clothing and then
he saw that he could do nothing But
stayed and that he heard two guns
fire and some hooping and thare came
in a great warparty with some spanish
Prisoners and a large Drove of horses and
mules and went on to trade with Coffe[.]
The next day thare came in and other
Party with mules and horses and went
on likewise to sell them[.] [A]nd that
evning came in another Party and Did
not Bring anything[.] But after they arive
thare was a geate [great] Crye in all the tribe
and when he was told that this Party
had bin in Santa Ros[a] and got a greatt
many mules and horses and was folowed
by the Maxicans and was Defeted at a River
and lost ten men and thir main chief
and all thir horses. [H]e sais also that

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1047, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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