Native American Relations in Texas

P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, 1837

he saw one Amarcan woman and two
children and some more Amarcans about
ten in number[.] They ast him [for] four of
his Best horse for one of them and
he could not git [give] them in no way[.] [H]e sais
that he is Done trying to make Peas [peace]
with such Peopel[.] [T]hey are like wolves
or Dogs[.] But he will fite them as
long as he lives: his men when he
left them wanted to slip back and
Kill some of them for the Insult
they had got from them[.] But he told them
no to gow home in Peas [peace] and at
some other Day they would have satisfasion[.]
So he came home[.] [I]t has bin started [stated]
hear [here] that some thought that Boles [Bowl]
went to Matamoras[.] But I Dont think
he did as I have bin amongst the Comanc-
hes and no [know] the Cuntrey and he told me
his Rut [route] on the west fork of Debuses [?]
under the moutain that is not less from
hear [here] then [than] 400 miles [T]hare is nothing

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P.E. Bean to Sam Houston, May 6, 1837. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #1047, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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