Native American Relations in Texas

Big Mush to the Committee of Safety, April 13, 1836

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Big Mush to the Committee of Safety, 1836

[April 13, 1836]


To the Committy [sic] of Safity [sic] Alcalda [Alcalde] or
whom it may concern


I am instructed by the Chief of the
Cherokee tribe, through his interpeter [sic] to
inform you that he [?] or they have been
missrepresented [sic] by some mischief ma-
king person a great deal to his
displeasure. The person so offending is
a Mr. H.M. Willson who has been stay-
ing among the tribe some days but has
left for [N]acogdoches, thence to the United States
and it is requested that he be apprehended
[and chastised] according to what he diserves [sic].
The Chief expressed that he is very sor-
ry that they have been so misrepresented
as it has caused all the families that the
report has reached to have [left] their homes taking [sic]
what they could pack off and leaving their stock,
etc. exposed[.] The offender has reported that
when he left the indians were assimbled [sic] in
hostile arry [array], and that he escaped with som[e]
difficulty, and that he had no doubt but
that several white persons of his acquaintance
with myself were killed, which is not the
case, but that every thing is as it was, all in
peace and quietude, and it is his, the Chief’s
particular request so to reman [remain]. The Chief
[requests me to] say that the persons reported to

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Big Mush to the Committee of Safety, April 13, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #368, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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