Native American Relations in Texas

Sam Houston to Edmund P. Gaines, August 29, 1836

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Sam Houston to General Gaines, 1836

Nacogdoches, Texas. Aug 29: 1836


I have the honor to report to you: by the express
the Critical Condition of this place, and the Frontier.

Bascos will report to you the facts which he has
learned at the ____ [?] Village.

That Cherokees were sent to Matamoras
there can be no doubt, and that they have returned, I have
as little. Our army being so far from a position
where it can sustain this point, is calculated to encourage
the Indians, and the Mexicans will be induced to stim-
ulate them to an attack, on this point, to make
a diversion [?] in favor of Matamoras, and keep our
army from advancing by trouble in its rear.

I need not say to you what force would be
necessary at this point. You are an “older and a
better Soldier” than myself, and I defer it to your
better judgment.

The Indians regard the present force
with evident contempt, and say that if they cut
off the present force, they are to hold all the lands


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Sam Houston to Edmund P. Gaines, August 29, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #520, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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