Native American Relations in Texas

Sam Houston to Edmund P. Gaines, August 29, 1836

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Sam Houston to General Gaines, 1836

laying [sic] above the St. [San] Antonio road.

There are many reasons why a
larger force should be at this place.

If present were by any circumstance
cut off, it would blur an escutcheon, more glorious than
I can ever hope to see adorn my name, and one dear to
me from my juvenile recollections.

To day too, a unit placed
in the hands of the Sheriff which was taken from him
and torn in tatters.

The Civil Authorities must and
shall be sustained, or I will not survive their downfall[.]

The present affect is to take the Town,
and by destroying the present force to cut up others
in detail.

I will instantly order the organization of the
“Militia Civica” of the country. I will omit nothing
to have the country in a state of defence [sic].

But must we not anticipate a panick [sic] again?
And should it be the case, then who remains borne
down by numbers must parish! [sic]

Basen [?] says the

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Sam Houston to Edmund P. Gaines, August 29, 1836. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #520, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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