Native American Relations in Texas

Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, 1838

the Indian Counties.

The Col. would go on to Na-
cogdoches had he not engaged to meet the
Comanches on the first of April at Bexar,
which precludes the possibility of seeing you
and meeting them at that time. He says
it will not do to disappoint them, therefore
he will take out some presents and meet
them according to appointment, and con-
clude the most favorable treaty practicable,
without indicating the precise limits of the
territory which will be secured to them; assu-
ring them at the same time, that this Gov-
ernment has no disposition to injure or
take from them any rights which they
may possess.

If they can be satisfied with
regard to Boundary there will be but
little difficulty in managing them.

They claim all the territory North
and West of the Guadalupe mountains,
extending from Red river to the Rio Grande,
the area of which is nearly equal to one fourth
of the domain of Texas.

A deputation from the Lipans,
consisting of Castro, the principal chief
and ten of his Captains, in obedience to
instructions of Commissioners who treated
with them, arrived about eight days since.

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #19, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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