Native American Relations in Texas

Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, 1838

Castro was much chagrined when he was
informed of yr absence, and manifested a
great desire to see you. He is a sagacious,
shrewd, and intelligent Indian and is
familiar with Mexican politics.

He vows eternal hatred to the Mexicans
and friendship for the Texians. He is at
war with the Comanches and will not
make peace with them, until they shall
have concluded a permanent treaty with us.

They left yesterday with the presents
that had been furnished them, Castro
promising to return by the meeting of the Congress.

The Commissioner of the Land Office
has issued orders instructing surveyors to
confine their operations strictly within the
limits of their respective counties, which, if
obeyed may prevent intrusion upon the
Indian territory on the Colorado.

Genl. Urrea has declared for the Const-
itution of '24 in the state of Sonora; and
Gen. Coss is expected to do so in Tamaulipas.

Col. K states that Mexican scouts occ-
upy the country between San Patricio and
the Rio Grande.

Understanding that considerable dissat-
isfaction exists among the Indians of the
East which the prospect of losing their land
has produced. We have thought that perhaps

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #19, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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