Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas J. Rusk to Chief Bowl, October 20, 1838

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Rusk to Chief Bowl, 1838

long enough[.] [B]lood shall pay for the
blood which has been shed by Mexicans
and Indians.

I am glad to hear from
Goyens that your men are at home[.]
[K]eep them from amongst the enemy
for if they are found there they will
get themselves into trouble[.] [O]ur people
are enraged at the innocent blood
that has been shed and are rising
in every quarter to punish our
enemies[.] I have ordered five hundred
men from Red River who will fall
upon and punish the Prairie Indians
and they will repent the day they
have begun this trouble[.] I desire to
see you and Big Mush as soon as
you can come down to Nacog-
doches[.] Come in a few days as I ex-
pect soon to set out again.

If you
act as our friend and have nothing

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Thomas J. Rusk to Chief Bowl, October 20, 1838. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #839, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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