Native American Relations in Texas

Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 7, 1874

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Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 1874

Sept. 7        4

Gen. S.B. Maxey
Paris Texas  

Dear Genl  

            Yours reached me this morning
The reports of Maj. Geo. B. John Jones Comdg of Frontier
Battalion of Adjt. Genl. Steele will cover all the
points fully on which you desire information
concerning the depredations of Indians on the
Texas frontier, the losses of life and property
resulting therefrom, and the expense devolved
upon the State for defence in consequence
thereof, and of the failure of the U.S. Government
to provide for her defence. I will furnish you
copies of these reports in ample time. The depre-
dations on our people can be abundantly proven
to be committed almost exclusively by Indians
who sally from the Government reservations, chiefly
Fort Sill. They kill our people with ___ [?] and ammu-
nition furnished them at the agencies by U.S.
oficials, [sic] and they take their booty to those agencies
when returning from their plundering raids
on our frontiers. The sections of our frontier in
the vicinity of these agencies are those that
suffer most from Indian depredations.  

This policy of the Genl. Government with respect to the
Indians is to me inexplicable. Sympathy goes

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Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 7, 1874. Records of Richard Coke, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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