Native American Relations in Texas

Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 7, 1874

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Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 1874

gushingly [?] out to the filthy barbarians, the Indians,
but none to the white women and children
[who] are outraged _______ [?] and scalped by them.
You will be surprised at the loss of life and
still more at the loss of property on the frontier
from this cause when you see the figures.  

            I see but one remedy against this most
formidable evil and that is for the custody
care and management of the Indians to be
committed exclusively to the Military. The
Indian bows to nothing but superior physi-
cal force. The Military feel no responsibili-
ty for the safety of the Frontier while the In-
dians are under the control of another depart-
ment. Turn Mr Lo over to them to control and
to whip him when ____ , [?] and if the frontier
suffers we will know where the responsibility
rests The govmt. of the Indians being then in
single hands can and will be energetic and
comprehensive as military rule always
is. The forces controlling them will constantly
assert its supremacy in the only way an Indian
can understand it. I belived it will be found
necessary to dismount every Indian, and to
forbid one owning a horse, before they can be
managed. That ____ [?]  and the possession of a

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Richard Coke to Samuel Bell Maxey, September 7, 1874. Records of Richard Coke, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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