Native American Relations in Texas

William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 28, 1871

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William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 1871

Fort Sill, I.T.
Tuesday, May 28. 1871.

Commanding Officer.
Fort Richardson, Texas.


Yesterday after the departure of the party which escorted us here, quite a
number of the Reservation Indians came in for their accustomed rations.

Among them were some of the most noted Kiowa Chiefs—Satanta,
Satank, Kicking Bird, Lone Wolf, etc., and strange to say Satanta spoke
right out and confessed to the Agent, Mr. Tatum, that he had led the party
which had captured Mr. Warren’s train near Belknap, and which killed
the seven men. The Agent, and Interpreter Mr. Jones, brought Satanta
up to General Grierson’s house in the Fort where I am staying, and
told us of the matter, when Satanta again openly admitted the whole
affair, and described the attack exactly as the man did to us at Fort
Richardson, only denying that any body was tied to the wagon wheel
and burned; but as General McKenzie found the body it does not ad-
mit of dispute.

Mr. Tatum, the Agent, being not only willing but anxious, I re-
solved to arrest Satanta on the spot, and all others who were concerned
in that particular act of murder, and highway robbery on the road

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William T. Sherman to Ranald Mackenzie, May 28, 1871. Records of Edmund Jackson Davis, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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